Smart cities

There is a growing wave of migration at two levels – rural-urban migration and cross-border migration internationally. One aspect which is important to this migration from a sustainability perspective is a smart city. Smart city has primarily emphasised infrastructure automation but not integration across towers. Csmart can help city administrators achieve effectiveness and efficiency in universal access to services.

Percentage of people living in cities in different years globally








The top 600 urban centres generate 60% of global GDP and in the future, 80% of economic growth will be generated in cities; cities now vie with each other to attract businesses and talent and become sustainable from all three viewpoints – people, planet and economics.

How can we help

Citizen experience is a key enabler of city attractiveness. We enable municipal administration entities to create a smooth Citizen to Government (C2G) and Business to Government (B2G) experience.
A digital self-service platform for citizens covering onboarding and service delivery requests (power, water & sanitation, telecoms, property, etc.) for fulfilment and faults
City partner management platform for both service providers and suppliers
Dashboards, notifications and alerts for citizens, businesses and officials to engage proactively with each other
Commerce platform for formal and informal city businesses to conduct trade
Service orchestration and automation
  • Citizen self-service

    With the ubiquitous mobile and an “anywhere, anytime” expectation, Csmart allows any citizen – individual or business – to do the following:

    • App or portal-based registration
    • KYC and onboarding
    • New service request
    • Fault logging
    • Enquiries
  • City partner platform

    Cities usually have a procurement system that has various vendors, and these are used purely for internal administration purposes. In a smart city environment, partners will be needed, similar to the corporate environment where strategic partners deliver value in a proactive mode. Csmart allows the city of the future to address this gap by providing:

    • Channel management (service providers in front of the city administration)
    • Strategic partner management (key service providers to the city who provide either citizen-facing services or operational support services)
  • Service orchestration & automation

    Every city has multiple service towers and often these towers act independently of each other. This leads to both fragmented experience for the citizen/business and loss of productivity, increased costs, to the city. Csmart orchestration management allows these towers to be coordinated by offering:

    • Service order decomposition
    • Work order decomposition
    • Service-specific activation request
    • Order fallouts & notifications
  • Citizen interaction management

    While automation is efficient, the human touch ensures connectedness to real issues. Csmart uses an omnichannel approach that allows city staff or officials to engage the citizen directly and quickly with:

    • Live chats
    • Video
    • Voice
    • Social media
  • Commerce platform

    Most major cities have a mix of formal and informal businesses that conduct trade from within the precincts of the city. Formal businesses have their own systems, but they are usually disconnected from the city and opportunities within the city. The informal business has very little to help them grow or manage their business. Csmart partner portal and commerce platform allow cities to create their own flavour of intra-city commerce, benefiting both citizens and businesses.

  • Dashboards, notifications & alerts

    The smart city is full of networks, sensors and automated control systems. Each of these will provide its own equipment-focused alert, notification and associated management or operational dashboards. Csmart allows these to be integrated where appropriate, for the city administration to understand the association between city operations and citizen services by using:

    • Artificial Intelligence(AI)
    • Machine Learning(ML)
    • Bots
    • Analytics
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