The US-based client commands the world’s farthest-reaching network, making it the World's only truly global Mobile Satellite Communications company with solutions that span from pole-to-pole.

What We Delivered


Sprints delivered with
1000+ story points each


Zone reduction
(from 90k to 12k)


Subscriptions per paying account with custom invoicing

4 Hours

Reduction in each
billing cycle execution time


The client needed a BSS system that would support their $3 billion worth new launch operation comprising of a constellation with 75 satellites. The new system should enable the customer to expand their footprint of services in addition to IoT services through mobile satellite communications to the farthest-reaching networks across the different horizons Aviation, Maritime, and Land.


  • A Digital Telco Provisioning Framework was architected to support multiple lines of Safety, Crew management, Emergency, Captain lines, etc.
  • The charging, billing and invoicing implementation overhauled the client’s billing process completely
  • A Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) was implemented for Maritime Safety
  • Designed and developed automated data extracts and reconciliation with service provider ratings, and usage rating for 11 different services
  • By accelerating the time-to-market new services, the client improved customer experience, and reduced customer churn

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