• Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)
  • Launched in May 2016


MVNO was created to disrupt the slow pace of Telcos as compared to other industries like entertainment, hospitality, and transport: The digital disruptor of telco was created with a template solution based on Oracle Convergent Charging and Policy that can be launched in new markets in less than 4 months!


  • Oracle’s Convergent Charging and Policy solution (BRM, ECE, OCPM)
  • BRM and ECE running on AWS
  • Deployed by partners: Covalensedigital.


Business Impact

  • Fully digital, which gives customers flexibility and control over managing their telco needs through an easy-to-use app
  • Already live in 3 geographies gaining 3% - 5% market share from the incumbent operators in targeted markets
  • Created a partner marketplace around their service: set up partnerships and complex campaigns within a fraction of time
  • Ordering is online via their website or their digital mobile app which delivers a personalized experience. Cuts OPEX by 95%
  • Target to be completely Cloud-Native by end of 2021
  • The majority of traffic volume is 4G data-centric with long-running sessions ( 80% data, 10% SMS, 10% voice)

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