Quality engineering

The emergence of digital technologies, digital marketplace, increased market demands for agility, and quality are forcing organizations to re-engineer testing practices to elevate the end-user experience by adopting new approaches.

At Covalensedigital, we partner with our customers and business enterprises to ensure their digital platforms are robust, reliable, secure, scalable, and easy to use to achieve improved customer experience and customer acquisition.

We design, develop and implement the best suitable hybrid test automation frameworks, proactive real-time monitoring & self-healing solutions using a majority of the best open source technologies & tools which can be plugged into any of the end-to-end agile/DevOps delivery methodologies.

Our intelligent insights and AI-driven QE solutions enable the IT teams to predict and prevent the risks related to quality & rework, which can reduce 30% to 40% overall cost of quality for our clients/customers, and at the same time increases the speed to market.

What we offer

QE advisory & transformation
Digital assurance
Intelligent test automation
Robotic process test automation
Performance testing and engineering services

How we deliver

Our SDETs who are the technology orchestrators help us to:

Build efficient & effective QE solutions through continuous research & innovation adapting to the latest technologies

Accelerate test automation by leveraging our QE advisor and transformation insights

Design and build domain & customer-specific quality engineering strategies by understanding business objectives

Assist in tracking progress and improvements against the maturity model and specific organizational goals for an outcome-based approach

Engagement model

Assess & advise
Assess & advise
  • Understand business & its objectives
  • 360° assessment & analysis
  • Benchmark as-is-state
  • Recommendations & ROI analysis
  • QE strategy alignment towards business objectives
  • Recommendations prioritize & implementation using CIM
  • Develop & implement frameworks that align QE & delivery strategies
  • Measure QE effectiveness & compare with industry benchmarks
  • Contextualize platform agnostic solutions & best practices
  • Implement intelligent AI-driven automation (for insights, predictions, prescriptions)
  • Increase feedback cycles, improve decision making & digitalization
  • Consistent high-quality delivery & increased multi-experience
  • Measure CX & benefits
  • Adopt technologies/frameworks/practices towards digital QE
  • Focus on business-centric & democratization
  • Hyperautomation for recoverability, efficiency & effectiveness
  • Build repeatable/reusable solutions (accelerate & tools)
  • Measure ROI & velocity

Business benefits

  • Improved customer experience & customer acquisition.
  • 40% to 50% reduced cost of quality.
  • Accelerated time-to-market by ~50% & increased release frequency.
  • 50% to 70% reduced cost of automation.
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