Smart ports

Ports along with the industrial revolution are in 4.0 mode. Although ports are relatively slower than other industries to adapt to automation owing to their large-scale infrastructure, interdependencies on north and south-bound systems make it a challenge. Recent McKinsey reports suggested that successful automated ports show that careful planning and management can surmount these difficulties: Operating expenses could fall by 25-55% and productivity could rise by 10-35%. And in the long run, these investments will lead the way toward a new paradigm— calling it 'Port 4.0'

To get smart, ports need to go digital

US$16.2 billion

Expected market by 2024


Expected CAGR from 2019 to 2025
Ports must adopt connected technologies that help stakeholders coordinate and collaborate to boost productivity, cut costs, and gain a competitive edge. Digitalization will allow for optimization of data analytics and data exchange becoming a new comparative advantage for ports.

How can we help

Terminal automation, cargo billing, and revenue management
With faster invoicing and improved accuracy
Automated Information System (AIS)
Cloud, application software, control systems for Real-Time Location System (RTLS) enabled with our digital CX solution
Smart energy and environment solutions
Made available by integrating our platform into smart gates and smart terminals
  • Port community system

    Terminal booking services, content management dashboard, document management, vessel data & arrival information, inquiry, search & inquiry can be achieved through our Csmart customer experience platform.

  • Centralized dashboard  

    Traffic signal monitoring & control, dynamic message sign monitoring & control, chain control, and integrated rail & barge platform can be achieved through systems' efficient middleware which integrates to any REST or SOAP-based API giving centralized dashboard to your handheld device.

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