There is a gigantic shift in the upskill platform to empower students to become human resources with the latest digital disruptive LMS techniques. Quality of education is transforming and spreading to reach a wide range of age groups. Let’s explore further how our Csmart-edu platform is going to help the industry with its innovative platform features.

LMS market cap

US$325 billion

By 2025 (Source: Forbes)
100% MOOC


International Universities
(Massive Online Open Courses)
LMS Industry Adoption


organizations worldwide

How can we help

Digital self-onboarding platform for end-customer or third-party content providers
Content portal for better and efficient content management
Digital scorecards and quickly onboard activity-based learning
Inventory to handle the required devices e.g.: Tabs, e-readers, etc.
Secure and restricted enrollment registration access
Learner's self-pace tracking and grading system
  • Human upskill transformation

    In today’s digitally disruptive world, companies are facing constantly changing environments, evolving business models, and increased competition. For organizations to survive, they must transform. We transform human capital by creating engaging learning experiences that solve the most challenging business problems. On a similar line, education learning is moving to the next leap to provide the most creative way of learning aspects to students. As a platform, we ease the transformation by providing:

    • Real-time sales dashboards
    • Digital self-service onboarding
    • Our state-of-art e-support model helps reach customers via multiple means i.e., ticket-based, live chats, social media connects, etc.
    • Learning staffing to enhance the skills for trainers in their specific area
    • Centralized operations
  • Managed learning services

    Transforming learning and development entities from a cost center to a profit center by managing the end to end execution of planning, delivery, content management, and measurement of all L&D activities:

    • Learning services framework
    • Learning planning
    • Administration control
    • Vendor management
    • Analytics and measurement
  • Learning experiences

    The modern learner is looking for an easy mode of learning method, the platform helps maintain various content types like video, audio stream and provides easy integrations for gamification platforms to simply learn the content and present it to target customers. Moreover, the platform is plugged with features like:

    • Awareness creation via smart campaigns
    • Interactive training platform assessments
    • Assessments
    • Collaboration for coaching and mentoring
    • Reinforcement for reminder and follow-up
    • Course recommendations and suggestion engine
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