Cloud transformation

Enterprises are embarking on a journey of cloud migration and Covalensedigital is your go-to partner for all cloud transformation services.

Cloud-native: Create a new business stream by a disruption in the cloud thought process by adopting a cloud-native mindset.

The path to cloud-native solutions: Cloud-native is not just about replacing one technology with another technology. It is important that organizations that need to chain together multiple technologies and processes along with services of cloud-native to achieve an outcome that creates that new business stream.

The quad corners of cloud-native

People, technology, cloud, and process models are what drives true cloud-native computing. Anyone missing component and the whole system fails.


Which continue to strengthen CI/CD is a structure of loosely coupled applications.


Helping quickly move a program from design to production is the core of DevOps.

Agile development

Agile is all about making development processes fast and easy, creating super-nimble organizations that can innovate quickly.


Cloud is an extremely flexible delivery platform that can support many different architectural and deployment styles.

What we offer

Cloud transformation via quality engineering
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Solutions for on-demand cloud test environments
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Mimic end-user environments
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Leverage open-source and cloud-based tools
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Lift & shift by refactoring and rewriting applications to take advantage of cloud-native technologies (CLD TRNF)
Lift & shift with no changes to the underlying code
Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment
Performance (load, scalability, reliability)
Hybrid technologies with a mix of cloud-native and traditional technologies
Hybrid platform with the mix of on-premise and cloud
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications
Failover/DR testing
We design and provide solutions to quickly build/spin-up on-demand test environments with various configurations, data volumes using TDM solution for various functional (i.e. micro-services, APIs, and serverless functions), regression, ETL, security, compliance tests and also create environments mimicking PROD environments for various performance testing requirements. These solutions can be stitched together with tools like Heroku or Docker to create an automated release process.
We focus and perform all the required tests by mimicking the end-user environment of the applications that are expected to work seamlessly on various browsers, computers, tablets, smartphones, and other supported devices.
CDS leverages open-source, cloud-based tools and services to increase the coverage of testing in UI/functional with less cost such as Browserstack, SauceLabs, Firebase Test Lab, and AWS device cloud which gives the QE teams the ability to test against multiple environments, browsers, and mobile operating systems without maintaining the necessary hardware.
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