Learn how our cloud-native digital BSS platform helps monetize and enhances digital experiences across your customer's journey

Get your business ready to monetize SaaS business models with Csmart digital BSS platform on cloud. Future-driven digital BSS is well-positioned to drive and monetize innovation with enterprise consumer services across various industries.

As specialized revenue management solution providers, the platform that’s more agile, flexible, robust, scalable, and future-proof allows service providers to capitalize on digitization opportunities with minimal investment. Furthermore, the solution helps drive successful implementations on cloud as a SaaS-based subscription monetization platform offering for various segments: MVNx, cable, broadband, and media & entertainment.

Everything you need to know about the new digital platform for 5G/IoT solutions to unlock the future monetization of IIoT

5G and IoT are more than just a new age of wireless technologies. They represent a basic change in the mobile ecosystem, unleashing a powerful combination of exceptional speed, expanded bandwidth, low latency, and increased efficiency that is advancing everything from smart cities, to self-driving vehicles, to smart grids for renewable energy, to AI-enabled robots on factory floors. It is unleashing a massive IoT ecosystem with the right trade-offs between speed, latency, and cost.

Csmart 5G and IoT ready digital platform solution are at the front line of enabling service providers to rapidly launch new services and powering network agility with an all-digital, product-first approach by quickly upgrading operators' monetization platforms and launching new business models and service offerings. The solution delivers a broad portfolio of 5G solutions that connect and secure next-generation devices and IoT projects offering seamless migration to emerging networks and features.

Learn about the powerful partner ecosystem digital marketplace platform that works collaboratively to co-create new innovative revenue channels for enterprises

The multi-partner relationships are a growing domain in the digital world and will need platforms such as Csmart Digital Marketplace platform for enterprises to orchestrate and monetize them effectively.

The digital marketplace provides a great degree of ease for the on-boarding of partners to supporting enterprise customers. It is built around the core premise of frictionless partnering to create platform-based interoperable ecosystems to bring them together on a common platform, which becomes the foundation for a virtual marketplace.

Innovating for the future

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Csmart - Subscription Monetization Platform

A cloud-native, omnichannel, subscription monetization platform tailored to improve your customers' journey and grow your recurring revenue business.
  • Omnichannel digital customer experience
  • Predictive AI/ML-based analytics
  • Plug & Play integrations to digital services
  • B2B & B2B2C offerings
  • Flexible & attractive multi-play bundles

Csmart DM - Digital Marketplace Platform

Csmart Digital Marketplace is built on the principles to assist service providers across diverse industries to launch a branded platform quickly, with multivendor monetization support and become part of the IIoT 4.0 revolution.
  • Real-time engagement
  • Enhanced monetization capabilities
  • Zero-touch orchestration
  • One-stop store for multiple industries
  • Personalization with white-label solution stack
  • AI-driven predictive analytics
  • Enhanced CX to digitalize the needs of Smart X industries

Aspen - AI Platform

Powered by ChrysalisGold, our venture
Aspen is a unique AI platform with a learning module bundled along a true multi-model database that allows for the storage of relational, document, and graph data. This platform enables to stream events and high density real-time data, for decision making as well as training exercises.
  • Open interface that facilitates rapid extensibility by internal and third-party teams
  • Support for native services to enable a shortened time-to-market cycle
  • Decoupled architecture allows distributed processing
  • Cluster aware components to offer load balancing and availability
  • Toolbox approach allows for mixing and matching capabilities
  • Cost-effective and robust

Who we serve

CSP to DSP - Digital disruption
Our subscription monetization platform supports OTT operators for acquire-convert-retain-expand life cycle
Smart City
Smart Cities
Smart Cities
Smart Cities
Smart growth and better productivity with efficient modern technology for Smart Cities
Automating ports & shipping hubs
Redefine customer service – FinTech takes an early lead
Active learning experience in the digital age

Our expertise

Digital Telco
Digital telco
We transform existing or legacy BSS/OSS into next-gen cloud infrastructure.
Digital Cx
Digital CX
Achieve customer success with superior customer experience strategies for the digital age.
Advanced Analytics
Advanced analytics
We analyze your data with the right tools and technologies powered by AI and ML models and strategize your sustained growth.
Our experience in the Oracle Communications suite eases the go-to-market timelines.

Services we offer

Cloud transformations
Pioneers in telco cloud migrations, cloud native applications, transformations, planning and deployments.
We help you make that quintessential digital transition to reach your target state, we walk the talk.
Quality engineering
Accelerate your software delivery with holistic agile and DevOps adoption services.


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